The best Sesame Chicken recipe

We return with a very easy and quick chicken recipe to make, and with which you will surely surprise your guests, it is the Chicken Breast with sesame and honey that you can see on these lines, although the photo does not do it justice, prepare to suck the fingers.

In addition to honey and sesame, chicken acquires aromas and flavors thanks to spices and other ingredients such as soy sauce, ginger, lemon grass ... and spicy touch, which as always is optional because not everyone likes it , is given by chili and Sichuan pepper. Do not look like many ingredients for a simple sauce, take note after the recipe for chicken with sesame and honey and you will see that it is easy and rich.

Sesame Chicken Ingredients 

(4 people)

    4 small chicken breasts
    100 grams of honey
    40 grams of soy sauce
    1 c / c of lemon grass powder
    1 c / c ginger powder
    1 c / c mustard powder
    1/2 c / c ground Sichuan pepper
    1/2 c / c chili powder
    extra virgin olive oil
    fine salt
    3 c / s roasted sesame seeds
    Maldon salt
    Hierbaluisa leaves (optional).

Chicken breast with sesame and honey making:

Clean the chicken breasts leaving it without skin and without the fat it could have, dry them well with absorbent paper towels.

Prepare the dressing for the chicken, mix the honey, soy sauce, lemon grass, ginger, mustard, Sichuan pepper and chili powder in a bowl.

Put a large pan to heat with a little extra virgin olive oil to make the grilled chicken, make them over medium heat to get a golden surface and a juicy interior. Add a pinch of salt to the breasts, taking into account that the soy sauce is salty and then a little salt flower will be added.

When the chicken is missing about five minutes or less, lower the heat and add the honey and soy sauce, if it bubbles immediately, remove the pan from the heat so that the honey does not burn, let it lose some temperature and then put it back on the heat and let reduce until the honey glazes the meat. Then add the sesame and cover the chicken breasts with it.

Serve the chicken with honey and sesame in the dishes, if you wish it accompanies with some leaves of fresh herb, in the tasting its citrus touch is a delight. He ends up distributing the sauce that may be left in the pan and with salt flakes on the chicken. Bon Appetite!

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