10 recipes to prepare with children during quarantine (Coronavirus)

One of the most complicated tasks in quarantine is entertaining children, which is why we offer you 10 easy and fun recipes to prepare as a family:



The coronavirus has paralyzed some countries that, to cope with its spread, have decreed a state of alarm that forces citizens to stay at home, eliminating unnecessary exits abroad and social activities.
Within the measures taken, the educational centers and all the usual meeting areas have been closed. For this reason, the vast majority of families stay at home , taking care of children and doing their work remotely as much as possible.
In this situation, one of the biggest challenges of the quarantine is to find plans and activities to do at home that allow them to be entertained and thus overcome boredom and monotony.
One of the simplest plans in which the whole family can participate is to cook fun dishes and then enjoy them at lunch, snack or dinner or as a snack while watching a movie.
We propose you some easy recipes to  prepare as a family and  entertain children without leaving home, a good way to spend hours with a playful activity in which teamwork is encouraged and everyone can bring their creativity and ingenuity to the plate.
Click on the title of each recipe to go to the complete recipe: