Loaded bacon wrapped hot dogs ★★★★★ 274 Reviews

★★★★★ 274 Reviews

Each hot dog contains:

1 frankfurter
1 hot dog roll
1 middle bacon
At least 2 tablespoons of grilled onion
1 slice of cheese
A squirt of BBQ sauce
2 teaspoonfuls of hot dog relish

Sliced some onions and grill them in a pan on medium low heat till it's translucent.

Wrap a piece of middle bacon around each frankfurter in a diagonal angle and use toothpicks (or what I used, them  uncooked spaghetti strands) to hold the bacon in place.

Brown up the bacon wrapped dog on the pan as well.
Cut up some rolls and add the onions, the frankfurter and a slice of cheese which is ripped in half.

Cook it in a slow cooker for a hour on high with a tea towel under the lid.

Add the sauce and relish and you're all set.

Bone apple teeth.

Yes, seriously I used raw spaghetti as toothpicks