Fabulous Tiramisu De Oreo recipe

Have you ever tried an Oreo cookies Tiramisu? If the answer is NO .. look at this delicious recipe that I will explain today in a simple way.

Tiramisu is a dessert of Italian origin that is really popular in almost everyone, but since I am a fan of Oreo cookies, I told myself we are going to prepare a different one and come here I leave you my creation.

Ingredients Tiramisu Oreo cookies

100 grams unsweetened cocoa / cocoa

350 g Oreo cookies + for decoration

500 grams mascarpone cheese

1 rum or amaretto liquor

200 grams sugar glass 250 g Fresh cream 3 4 cups vanilla strained coffee

Oreo tiramisu cake step by step

To begin with ... beat the cream with half the sugar and vanilla for 1 minute and a half ... they need a creamy consistency but not too firm. Then place the cream in a large bowl, add the mascarpone cheese and the rest of the sugar and start stirring everything with a manual whisk and set aside. In a bowl pour the coffee and begin to moisten the oreo cookies quickly.

Go placing the cookies in a mold, until forming a layer and then start adding a layer of the mascarpone mixture and repeat the steps until finishing with the ingredients, finishing with a white layer of the mascarpone cheese mixture and then sprinkle with the cocoa above.

You can also fill small glasses by doing the same step, the only different step is that you must chop the already moistened cookies and add them to the cups and decorate the last layer to your liking. I recommend using a pastry bag to fill the glasses with the cream cheese.

You must place it in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours or more.

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