Nutella cake and wafers The easiest chocolate cake in the world!

Yes, I know that lately I have a little abandoned. And that I'm not on vacation! To forgive me today I come with an express chocolate cake that I am sure you will love. That if you did not know her already, because it is one of those recipes that runs from mouth to mouth. With how easy it is and how rich it is it does not surprise me!

In the network to this cake it is known as Bone Cake since both the flavor and the texture remind these bars quite a bit. By the way, in case you do not know, in the blog you also have the recipe for homemade guests, how you will see the recipe is very similar.

Surely someone wonders - And can not be prepared with another hazelnut cream other than Nutella? Of course, but it is not the same. You already know that I am a fan of Italy and of course of their products And as the Nutella there is no other!

That? Do you dare with this easy and delicious cake? Surely you have a dinner or lunch with friends or family that you can take it to and you'll be luxurious! Or better prepare two .. and leave one at home to enjoy it calmly;)


1 bag of wafers or "Angel Bread" Each bag carries 24 sheets
400 gr of Nutella Maybe a little more XD
150gr of chocolate
25 gr of butter

How to prepare Nutella cake and wafers step by step

1.- We melt the Nutella in the microndas in blocks of 10-15 seconds. We just want it to be more liquid. Be careful, do not burn. This step is more necessary in winter. In summer depending on where you live the same is not necessary.

2.- We place the first wafer on a plate or, for my best, on a large sheet of baking paper. With the help of a brush we spread a thin layer of Nutella over the entire surface of the wafer. Watch out! These wafers are very fragile.

3.- Place another wafer on top of the first one and cover again with Nutella. We repeat this step until we finish the Nutella or the wafers. If there is any wafer that this game, do not throw it, place it in some intermediate layer And so we do not miss anything!

4.- After placing a wafer on top of everything that we will leave without spreading with Nutella we will let the cake cool in the fridge between 10 min and half an hour depends on the rush you have.

5.- We will melt the chocolate with the butter in the microwave and stir until we have a homogeneous cream. With the cream still warm, we will paint both the top and sides of the cake. There are people who cover it with more Nutella but I personally like it more like that since the outer layer is not so sticky.

6.-We can only decorate it as we like. I advise you that if you are going to place something on top, do it before the chocolate solidifies so that everything will be stuck and in place. In our case we have made a small bouquet with cookies and waffles but you can use what you want: chocolate chips, colored pearls, white chocolate ... there are a lot of possibilities.

I hope you liked the recipe for this chocolate cake! And that you are encouraged to make it at home! You will see how easy it is

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