There is no dinner without some good starters and if something we want to highlight when preparing a dinner and surprise your guests is making some delicious and varied canapés, because here I leave an example that you see how easy it is and only  It will take you a few minutes.

 Ingredients for 4 units

 1 tomato
 1 slice of havarti cheese
 4 quail eggs
 a pinch of dill


 We wash and cut the tomato into slices and place it on a plate.  Then we cut the slice of havarti cheese into 4 pieces and place them on top of the tomato slices.

 In a sartecaliente and with a spoonful of oil we fry the quail eggs add salt and place them on top of the tomato and cheese slices and to finish sprinkle a little dill on top.

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