Delicious Indian croquettes recipe

Within the cuisine croquettes abound in forms and flavors, new ways of preparing them are emerging. Today we tell you how to make this delicious Indian recipe called Aloo Tikki, it will only take 30 minutes and they are very easy to make.

Prepare Aloo Tikki


-7 cooked potatoes.

-1/2 can of cooked green peas.

-A tablespoon of ginger.

-1 hot pepper.

-Medium chopped paprika.

-Cilantro fresh.


-Pan striped, to overflow.

-Oil for frying (the one of your choice).

Preparation Mode:

-Place all seasonings together, chop the coriander, chili and paprika very finely, and ginger.

-Make a mash with the potatoes, crushing them very well. Then mix with the peas and mix until creating a kind of dough.

-Add the rest of the ingredients to the mixture and integrate well.

-Now prepare the shape of the croquettes can be flattened or small or medium balls.

- Although it is not necessary, if the overflows with breadcrumbs will be a little more crunchy.

-Fry in the previously hot oil.