Chocolate Lasagna Recipe Step by Step

For the sweetest you can make a delicious chocolate lasagna. It can be done in various ways, although it is not very different from preparing an ice cream cake only that is called chocolate lasagna because different layers are created. If you have chocolate tablets, you can use them instead of chocolate powder.

    35 oreo cookies
    6 tablespoons butter
    400 gr. cream cheese
    1/4 cup sugar
    3 cups of cold milk
    2 tablespoons cold milk
    200 gr. of chantilli cream
    300 gr. chocolate powder

Chocolate Lasagna Preparation

    Remove the stuffing of the oreo cookies and put them in a bowl, where the mortar is used, crush them and grind them well until they are made a powder.

    If the butter is not soft, leave it at room temperature for about 15 minutes to soften. Then you put it in the bowl with the oreo cookies and mix everything well, until you make a paste.

    Butter the surface of the mold you are going to use, or put albal paper. Top with the oreo cookie dough that you have prepared. Now store in the fridge for half an hour for the mixture to set.

    Put the cream cheese, sugar and two tablespoons of cold milk in the blender glass. Start beating until a homogeneous mixture forms. Then add the chantilly cream and beat again.

    When the base of the cookies has become a little harder, pour this mixture over the cookies and put it back in the fridge so that it sets again.

    In the blender glass now you are going to put the chocolate powder with the milk and mix, whisking nonstop, for 2 minutes.

    Pour over the lasagna and leave in the fridge about 5 minutes to make it a little thicker.

    Now, put a little more chantilli cream and ground biscuits over the lasagna and reserve in the fridge for about 4 hours to refrigerate well.