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Red Chicken soup recipe

 Ingredients red chicken soup:

 1 whole chicken cut into pieces
 1 whole onion
 1 bag of carrots washed and cut into 4 pieces (or slices)
 1 whole cabbage cut into 4 equal parts
 5-6 whole potatoes
 3 corn split into 3 pieces or half
 4-5 chayotes cut in half
 2-3 bay leaves
 2 sprigs of epazote
 guajillo chile
 2 tablespoons chicken knorr

 ** Vegetables can be changed at preference **
 ** The meat portions are very family size and the amount of soup you want to make **

 preparation red chicken soup:

 1. Boil your chicken with salt and onion over medium heat.

 2. In what you cook your chicken can put to soak your guajillo pepper.  And you can also cut your vegetables.

 3. Once your chicken is cooked a little, I added your parents and corn.  (Those ingredients take a little longer to cook).

 4. After adding knorr, potatoes and corn, let it boil with these ingredients for 10-15 min while you blend your guajillo pepper.

 5. Once your chili is liquefied and 10-15 past aigan I added your other vegetables, coriander and epazote.  The chili should sneak when added to the broth.  Let it boil all together.

 6. Finally taste the taste if salt is missing I added more.

 ** A little diced jalapeño goes well just to give it some itch **
 ** You can also add lemon.  ** Not much will make it bitter.