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Keto chocolate ice cream

Keto ice cream Ingredients

4 portions

    200 gr cream
    4 pieces 100% cocoa chocolate
    10 gr butter
    Liquid sweetener

Keto ice cream Steps

    We put water in a saucepan, put it to heat on the stove. We let it boil

    We put the chocolate and butter in a glass bowl

    When the water reaches the point we put the bowl with the chocolate and the butter on top of the pan, stir until the chocolate is completely melted, remove everything from the heat.

    We put the cream in a bowl together with the sweetener, beat with a blender until we reach the snow point.

    On the whipped cream we throw the previously melted chocolate and stir gently until a mixture of a single color is obtained.

    Now comes the fun part, let's pour the mixture into pots.

    If we want ice cream my recommendation before putting them in the freezer is to place a spoon in the pot or if we have ice cream molds pouring them there, since, the mixture is very hard if we put it in the freezer, ideal to eat an ice cream palette.