Cheesecake and Jam recipe

Cheesecake and Jam

 ▪️▪️For 8 servings▪️▪️

 500 g Mascarpone Cheese
 350 g of Condensed Milk
 150 g Strawberry Jam
 2 egg yolks
 5 muffins
 45 g Butter

 ▪️▪️To prepare the cheesecake and jam, the first thing to do is the base.  In this case I will make it with muffins, if you want to do the traditional one, you just have to change the muffins for cookies.  You will need about 20 cookies and about 75 g.  of butter.

 ▪️▪️Preparation and assembly of the cake base with muffins
 Remove the wrappers to the muffins and place them in a large bowl.  First with the fingers and then with the help of a fork we minimize the crumbs that remain.

 We put the butter in the microwave so that it melts, with 20 seconds it will be enough (it also depends on the power of the microwave, you see it putting small times and observing it until you see it liquid)

 Mix the butter with the muffins until they mix well.

 ▪️▪️How the mold for cheesecake is formed
 I have used a removable mold, of which they open, with 20 cm.  diameter.  We disassemble the mold and, on the base, you put baking paper.  You fit the part of the ring up and close the mold, so that the paper is "caught" in the opening of the mold and leave the bottom part lined.

 We cut two strips of paper the width of the side of the mold.  We impregnate it with a little butter and "stick those strips".  Thus, the mold will be perfectly covered by both the base and the sides.

 We put the mixture of muffins and butter on the base, spreading it well and crush it with the help of a spatula, a glass or any flat surface.

 Preparation of cream for cheesecake with jam
 In a bowl we will put the mascarpone cheese, the condensed milk and the two egg yolks.  In case you do not find mascarpone in the store, you can replace it with cream cheese without any problem.

 We beat everything well, with some manual rods it will be enough, until a cream is quite thick but without lumps.

 We will pour that cream on the basis of muffins that we already had prepared and we distribute well everywhere.  We give some blows to the mold on the countertop, so that the air bubbles that may have been left out.

 You can bake it like this, or put fruits, jams, jams, chocolate, ... Whatever you can think of.  In my case, I moved the marmalade a little with the spoon to make it more liquid and put it on top.  With the help of a stick I have made some shapes and ... Ready for the oven!