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Potato Gnocchi recipe


    500 g of patatos
    150 g wheat flour
    Your favorite sauce (vegan pesto, for example)

POTATO GNOCCHI Instructions:

To cook the potatoes we heat a pot with water, calculating that the potatoes should be covered. When it starts to boil we will throw the potatoes with skin (so that they do not fall apart). Let them cook for about 40 minutes or so (depending on their size). They should be well cooked, which we will check by pricking a knife.

Once cooked, peel the potatoes still hot. If you let them cool they peel worse.

We passed the cooked potatoes through a press, a paspure or similar. We can also finely crumble them with a grater and mash them with a fork. This step is important so that the mass of our potato gnocchi is very homogeneous.

Add the flour little by little while mixing the dough. When we have added all the flour we will knead well until we get a uniform texture.

We give the dough a cylinder shape and let it sit for 10 minutes covered with a clean cloth.

On a floured surface we cut pieces of the dough and make long cylindrical strips 1 finger wide.

We cut the strips at a distance of about 2 cm to make each "gnocco".

Finally we can give it the traditional way with the help of a fork. One way is simply to mark them with stretch marks on the table. Another way is to take each gnocchi and pass them one by one while we turn it over the teeth of the fork. In this way, they will have a hole on one side and stretch marks on the other. The reason for these brands is to allow the sauce to be better impregnated in the gnocchi. In Italian kitchens a striated table is usually present to facilitate this work.

Potato gnocchi cooking: We heat water in a pot and when it comes to a boil we pour the gnocchi. If the pot is not large enough, it will have to be done in batches. When they begin to float, they will be ready, so we will remove them with the help of a skimmer and add the next batch, if applicable.

We add the warm sauce and serve immediately.

The recipe does not have salt, because the sauce we use to bathe the gnocchi will already be salty to taste.