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Curry is a mixture of different spices that are used in India, for stews or stews with sauce; In the west we call curries to dishes prepared with that sauce. In this case we have prepared a mango curry with chicken with the Thermomix, it is basically a curry base to which we have added mango meat.

In many supermarkets with Asian ingredients section there are mango concentrates or jams that can give the mango flavor to our curry. We must be careful when adding concentrates or mango jam to which they usually carry sugars and we must correct the salt point.

If you like basic chicken curry, this variant of mango curry with chicken prepared with the Thermomix will enchant you and you will have it ready in just over half an hour.


Ingredients for Mango Chicken Curry Recipe with Thermomix

    150 grams of onion
    2 cloves of garlic
    2 tablespoons curry powder
    1 handle
    sweet and sour sauce
    200 grams of crushed tomato
    flour to flour
    500 grams of chicken
    100 grams of rolled mushrooms
    75 grams of chicken broth


How to prepare Mango Chicken Curry Recipe with Thermomix

We incorporate in the Thermomix glass the oil, the onion in quarters and the garlic, we cook for 3 minutes at 100º and speed 4.

We put the butterfly on the blades (we leave it throughout the recipe) and add the mushrooms, cook again 4 minutes at 100º and speed 1.

Add the floured chicken, mango, curry, pepper and salt to taste, program 3 minutes at 100º and speed 1.
We pour the chicken broth in the glass and program 10 minutes, 100º, speed 1.

Once the time is up we will have our delicious mango curry with chicken with the Thermomix. As a side dish we can serve basmati rice or grilled quick bread.