How to make cinnamon rolls in just one hour

Finally I bring you a recipe that is very much in demand by the followers of My Kitchen Diary, the famous cinnamon rolls, or as they are told here in the United States cinnamon rolls. This is a dough that needs preparation time, but not so much because it is complicated to do but because it has yeast, therefore it needs rest. So you must calculate well the times you want to do them, so that they are ready at the right time.

This recipe is quite easy to make, believe me they are exquisite. I must mention that it has a frosting on it, that is, a kind of cream that is very solid and sweet, but it is optional if you want to use it, but among us, they are richer even with that frosting, it also takes a minute to do so.

I hope you enjoy this delicious recipe, either for a special eleven or to share with the family.

Cinnamon rolls Ingredients:

For 12 units

    Pastry flour 145 g
    200 g strength flour
    Baker's dry yeast 7 g
    50 g sugar
    Butter 25 g
    Eggs L 1
    Water 120 ml
    60 ml milk
    Salt 5 g
    Butter for the filling 55 g
    Brown sugar 80 g
    Ground cinnamon 10 g
    Essence of vanilla 5 ml

How to make cinnamon rolls:

Arrange the wheat flour with the flour force, yeast and salt in a large bowl, mixing with some rods. Form in a hole in the center. Place the butter, sugar, water and milk in a bowl and heat in the microwave or in a saucepan until the butter has melted. Pour into the flour hole and add the egg.

Preheat the oven to 90ºC. Mix all the ingredients until you have a sticky dough and begin to knead, by hand or with the mixer attachment of a blender. When we have a homogeneous and elastic dough, cover with plastic film and let stand 5 minutes.

Stretch on a clean surface to form a rectangle of about 40 cm by 20 cm. Cover with the butter, mix all the other ingredients of the cinnamon filling and add. Roll and cut 12 or so portions of the same thickness. Place in a baking dish of about 30 by 20 cm. Cover with foil, turn off the oven and put the source. Let stand 25 minutes.

Remove the dough, turn on the oven at 190 ° C and bake without the foil for about 15-18 minutes. Paint with a light icing of icing sugar and water or milk when they have cooled slightly.