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Kevin Gendreau is an American doctor who at 31 years old worked at Fall River, a hospital in Massachusetts. At that time, his 136 kilos accompanied him. But these did not reach him at 31: Kevin was 17 when he saw his father die from cancer, which led to stress and anxiety, which he could only fight with food. "Basically I began to anesthetize myself with sugar and processed carbohydrates. They were like an antidepressant for me, because after all, when you eat junk food your brain releases dopamine and increases serotonin, hormones that serve to feel good," he said at Best Life .

A new blow

In 2016, her sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer with metastases. Kevin declares that it was devastating and at that moment he realized that while his sister was struggling to stay alive, he was slowly ending his life. Then he decided that he should change.

Although unfortunately his sister died in 2017 at age 32, Kevin began with his diet to be more agile and to take care of his nephews. At that time he abandoned junk food and began a diet based on whole foods, rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts and proteins. It also served an application that served to know how many calories consumed. And so the kilos began to disappear.

Stagnation and intermittent fasting

He managed to lose 30 kilos and his weight stagnated. At that moment he decided to start with the intermittent fast that allowed him to lose the rest. The most famous method is 16: 8, which causes the pancreas to regenerate the cells that regulate blood sugar. Generally, these plans are usually established to help fight diabetes, and the reality is that its operation is very simple: it proposes to limit food consumption to only eight hours throughout the day.

"Losing weight healed me in every way possible." he explains now with 82 kilos. "The best advice I can give about this is that you find a motivation that makes you change. For me, it was that my sister got sick and needed someone to take care of her children, but it could have been anything. Once you find the reason and you commit, you can no longer look back, "he concludes, having already become a great example to follow.