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The secret diet of famous singers

Talking about Shakira is synonymous with curves and hips that all die from having, even knowing that she has had two pregnancies, she retains a spectacular figure.

Many singers have been exposed to surgeries and super strict diets that make us feel how impossible it is to look thin, but this is not the case with Shakira, since she revealed her secret and best of all, it is not expensive And you find everything in your kitchen.

Before starting the challenge, you need to be aware that you must respect schedules and food to achieve the desired results.

This was the diet that Shakira followed after her last pregnancy:


    1 glass of orange or grapefruit
    1 slice of pineapple
    1 slice of toast with panela cheese. You can use a low fat cheese.


    2 Kiwis or 1 apple accompanied by low-calorie yogurt.


    Spinach and tomato salad.
    1 roasted or grilled steak so that the calories are not many.
    Pumpkin Pudding

 You can vary this menu with a plate of white spaghetti with vegetables and a portion of salad or fruit that you like.

Mid afternoon

    1 glass of tomato juice or a low-calorie yogurt.

You can also alternate with a slice of brown bread and panela cheese.


    Vegetable soup.
    Lentils with broccoli and tomatoes.
    2 slices of whole wheat bread.
    1 peach or apple.
    A small low-calorie jelly.

 If you think it's too much for dinner, you can remove any of the above items.

Now you know the gypsy's secret that best moves her hips.

We recommend that before following any diet, visit a specialist to know different eating plans according to your body.