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 How to lose weight 13 kg in 100 days 

Her name is Marga Banaga, she is 25 years old and lives in Manila, capital of the Philippines. He had been wanting to go on a diet to lose weight and lose the extra pounds, but he had not found the moment. Until he decided to stand firm and carry out a plan: one hundred days eating healthy and exercising to see how much he could lose weight.

He had tried on another occasion, but he had to abort his plan in the middle of the experiment for various reasons. But when he focused on his goal and finally decided to do it, nothing could stop her. The result is that she has managed to lose 13 kilos in 100 days, achieving the figure she was chasing and becoming the woman she wanted.

And all despite the fact that in the middle of the process he suffered the tragic death of his brother. He was two months after starting his diet and acknowledges that he was about to throw it all away, although he decided to move on. His entire plan was recorded and uploaded to social networks with a video on YouTube that accumulates more than a million views.
Only healthy food

The first thing Marga Banaga did was to eliminate four main elements from her diet: she stopped drinking alcohol; eliminated all kinds of meat, except seafood; He did not eat cheese again; and neither candy, ice cream and candy. In return, he began to eat healthy, making his weekly purchase with his head and taking into account the quality of food.

But, above all, what he did was listen to his body: he had realized that intermittent fasting did not work, but neither did diets that lasted a few days. So he decided to eat only when he was hungry, paying attention to the signals that his body sent him, and never after six in the afternoon, his daily deadline.

He decided to create his own diet from healthy products and cooked a day for the whole week, which made him forget about having to break his head every day thinking what to eat. Most of the food I prepared was seafood, vegetables, whole grains and fruit. And if I had to eat outside I always chose a salad next to a protein source.

He was uploading his results to social networks and in the video he has uploaded on YouTube you can check his evolution until day 100. At that time he uploaded a message to his Instagram account saying “¡¡I got it !!! ! I survived 100 days eating healthy and trying to exercise every day. ” Marga had done it.
The essential exercise

Along with the cuts in his diet and the four elements that he erased from his diet, Marga's great support during the 100 days that his plan lasted was the sport. He started going to the gym, did cardio, weight training, practiced boxing and entered the world of crossfit. And so he gradually lost weight until he reached 13 kilos in 100 days.

He acknowledges that he did not skip the diet for a single day, although he spent 48 hours without exercising after the death of his brother. Summarize those three months like this: “100 days without alcohol and meat; 100 days of finding time to train almost every day; 100 days of not giving in to the temptations of food. "One hundred days in which he achieved his goal.

Not only that, Marga became so fond of her new lifestyle that she continued to maintain it even after finishing her 100-day process. In a year he managed to lose a total of 30 kilos and is now a happy person who not only sports the figure he always wanted, but also feeds on healthy products that suit him.

A year after completing her goal, Marga posted a message on Instagram remembering some of the things she learned. Ensures that you have to be patient, since the results are not noticed overnight; that you don't have to compare yourself with other people, since each one is different; and that we have clear what our priorities are. That's how she managed to lose weight.