1 month menu to make the paleolithic diet

 To ensure good mental and physical health there must be a balanced diet that is consistent with a standardized menu. Currently, the diet of people is based on consuming high amounts of carbohydrates, but an ideal diet does not depend only on that there are other foods that we should incorporate.

The Paleolithic diet provides us with a healthy diet by reducing carbohydrates and thus achieving not only a perfect body by losing weight but also recovering our health by helping us prevent diseases related to an inappropriate lifestyle.

Paleo diet allowed foods

Lean meats, fish and seafood
Variety of vegetables, containing the entire rainbow (broccoli, cabbage, spinach, turnips, watercress)
Apple, coconut, vinotinto vinegars
Herbal and green tea
Foods rich in glycine
Roots (cassava, sweet potato, carrot)
Vegetable oils (olive, coconut)

Food not allowed Paleo diet

Cereals or grains of all kinds (oats, wheat, corn)
Dairy products (milk, yogurt, butter, cheeses)
Almond nuts

1 month Paleo diet

Eat 2 or 3 times a day until you feel satiated, this varies if you want to lose weight, in this case eat several times a day but small portions.
Eat all kinds of meat, of good quality, several times a week since this is the basis of the diet.
Eat veal liver a couple of times weekly
Eat fruits 1 or 2 times a week, but should be consumed in moderation as it contains a lot of sugar
You should drink a lot of water between meals
I will present an example that you can follow and vary week by week, be witty and have fun mixing food as long as they are allowed.


Breakfast: an apple, slices of ham with tomato and green tea
Lunch: baked salmon with sweet potato puree, cherry tomato salad and artichokes.

 Dinner: grilled meat steak with spinach salad and raw mushrooms.


Breakfast: a banana, scrambled eggs with bacon and tea
Lunch: turkey breast with vegetables, raspberry juice
Dinner: veal, vegetables, melon, sunflower seeds.


Breakfast: almond flour pancakes
Lunch: beef stir fry and citrus salad
Dinner: meatloaf with salad


Breakfast: apple and cinnamon omelet
Lunch: paprika stuffed with cod and almonds with cooked auyama
Dinner: Liver Casserole


Breakfast: bowl of berries with coconut milk
Lunch: waldorf salad with chicken
Dinner: 2 hard boiled eggs with roasted peppers