“Légumes”, exquisite recipe that represents Haitian cuisine

When Doña Dedette (Bernadette) visits the Dominican Republic, she cannot leave without preparing a tasty “legends”, a dish that represents Haitian cuisine.

“When I return here (Dominican Republic) you will do it, because you already know everything it contains, if you want we go to the supermarket and buy together so you don't have anything left,” he tells me every time he goes to Haiti.

But when he returns, it is up to her to prepare it, because, in addition to that she likes to cook, she prepares it deliciously.

In addition to how exquisite it is, the variety of products that this dish contains is quite nutritional, because it has abundant vitamins such as A, E, K, C, B1, B2, B3, B6, all excellent for maintaining good health .

"Légumes" is prepared based on beef and / or pork (you can add both), eggplant, carrot, cabbage, beans, watercress and tayota.

And the best thing is that preparing it is not complicated. Season the meat as usual, with the ingredients that you always put in it, after a while you put it to cook, first with sugar.

In a separate container, chop the tayota, eggplant, watercress, bean, cabbage and carrot, simmer it in a well-covered cauldron until they are well swept. When they are well dizzy, remove all the vegetables and the machacas.

After the meat is almost cooked, and stir-frying, you add the crushed vegetables and let them fry together for a while, then add tomato sauce, chicken broth and orange or lemon sour, any of the two you want, You give it a few more minutes and that's it.

As usual in the neighboring country, if you wish, you can add a little spicy, to give it the final touch.

Indeed, Haitians often use peppers and other strong flavors, as their cuisine is considered moderately spicy.

In Haiti, that dish is served with “mayi moulen” (chenchén), moro de gandules, black or red beans, with white rice and beans.

In addition, Haitians are accustomed to eating that dish at least once a week, mainly on Sundays, which is the family lunch day.

Haitian gastronomy

Although they are not well known, there are already some Haitian restaurants in the country, which prepare delicious dishes of the cuisine of that country.

On the one hand we have the “Bongú Creol”, which is on Winston Churchill Avenue, José Contreras corner, where they prepare a variety of Haitian dishes, with an atmosphere that is very representative of the culture of that country.

Three months ago the “Maison Kreyol” was inaugurated, a Haitian restaurant with excellent service, cozy and, above all, an exquisite cuisine, where to eat a stewed goat with “mayi moulen” (chenchén), akra, a tasso (fried meat of beef) or a “diri ak djondjon” (rice with mushrooms) is an unparalleled experience.

This restaurant is located in the Colonial City on Mercedes street, almost in front of the Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes church.

And it is that Haitian cuisine is similar to that of other Latin American countries in the Caribbean, but differs in various points in its regional presentations.

If you are one of those who like to know the culture of other countries, I invite you to prepare the “legends” and you will be delighted.