I have had a week of the most intense, nor time to enter the kitchen has given me. Luck that today I can leave you, so you can try them for the purpose of this delicacy, these ECLAIRS FILLED WITH VANILLA AND TWO CHOCOLATES.

At home these types of preparations fly, vanish, I would almost say they disintegrate as they leave the kitchen. This time the filling has been to my liking, a quick, delicious custard.

It is not the first choux dough I use, but it is the one we liked the most in taste and in the way of working. So we already have another fixed recipe.

Ingredients (for 8 units)

Choux dough ingredients:

125 ml of water
55 grams of butter
70 grams of flour
1 gram of salt
30 grams of sugar
2 medium eggs

Ingredients Vanilla cream:

250 ml of semi-skimmed milk
2 egg yolks
1 c.s. cornstarch
A little vanilla paste
2 c.s. of sugar

Cover Ingredients:

70% dark chocolate
White chocolate for desserts

We also need a saucepan with a thick bottom, a wooden spoon, a cat tongue, a round or fluted mouthpiece, to make the eclairs, another to fill them and another for chocolate, three pastry sleeves, a weight, a bowl, a glass, an oven tray, baking paper, a spatula, a rack, a skewer and the oven preheated to 200 degrees.


How to make choux dough:

We will heat the water, butter, salt and sugar in a saucepan.
When it starts to boil, blow the sifted flour and stir vigorously, with a wooden spoon, trying to break up any lumps that may have remained.

Remove from heat, let cool slightly and add the eggs one by one, so that we will not add the first until the second is completely integrated.

Put on a pastry bag, and make the eclairs.
Take to the oven, at 200ยบ the first 5 minutes and 180 grams later, for 25-30 (it will depend on how thick our pieces are and our oven, you know that home oven is a world).

How to make custard step by step:

Put all the ingredients in a saucepan, and beat with the hand mixer, until there are no clumps.

Put on low heat, stirring until it thickens.
Reserve in a bowl and cool. When it is cold put in a pastry bag with a filling nozzle.

How to make the chocolate cover:

Melt the dark chocolate in the mic, 30 in 30 seconds, so that it does not burn.

Melt the white choco equally, but in the water bath, because it is much more delicate. Put on a sleeve with a 2 round nozzle.

Once the eclairs are cold, take the pastry bag with the cream, make a couple of holes in the bse of each eclair (one on each side) and fill with the cream.

Use the brush to paint the cover with chocolate and with the pastry sleeve filled with white choco make the lines, once they are all, pass a skewer to make the drawing.