Fried Meat and Cheese Rolls

If you have children at home, these rolls are ideal for them, but that does not mean that the elderly do not like us, on the contrary, we love them. With some chips, a mash, a rice, a salad. They are ideal for dinner and very easy to make.

At the beginning it gave me something to do them because I thought they were going to open everything when I was frying them but once I have overcome the fear and check that they do not open, I make them from different fillings to go changing and for now everyone is very much liking. I already showed you how ham and cheese rolls were made, today we will also add minced meat.


    12 slices of ham
    12 slices of cheese
    200 gr of minced meat
    1 clove garlic
    1 little fresh parsley
    Bread crumbs
    Extra virgin olive oil


    Chop the garlic very small along with the parsley, if you have a chopper do it with it.

    We bind the meat with the chopped.

    We put the slices of ham open, I used instead of a square two round because they were the ones I had.

    On the ham we put the slice of cheese.

    We put some meat on each slice.

    We roll up.

    We pass through flour-beaten egg-breadcrumbs and go through egg and breadcrumbs again.

    We leave them in the refrigerator to take body.

    Fry in extra virgin olive oil.

    We serve


    As you have been able to read, I do not specify what minced meat I use, in this case it was some minced pork that I had but we can use whatever we want, some minced meat that we have to make meatballs, pork with veal, veal only, Chicken or turkey The one we have or the one we like the most.

    Leaving the rolls in the fridge for a while is very important so that they do not open when frying. I usually do them after picking up the kitchen after lunch, to have them ready for dinner that night.

    These rolls admit freezing, we can make more quantity and freeze them, already breaded and without frying. When we are going to use them, I advise you to thaw them first at room temperature and if they need a slight pass through breadcrumbs because you see them somewhat moist, it is given.

Defrosting it before is so that the meat inside, if frozen, could not be done very well when frying.