Potato Volcano Recipe

This amazing and delicious potato volcano is about to erupt so you have to eat it before it disappears from the table.

Ingredients for the potato volcano recipe

    4 large potatoes
    4 eggs
    Olive oil
    Serrano ham

How to make the potato volcano recipe?

1 - We are going to start the potato volcano recipe by cooking the potatoes in plenty of salt water. When they are very tender we separate them from the fire and drain them. Then we put the potatoes in a bowl, we throw them a few drops of oil, and we stripe them with a fork (we can also pass them through a passtress to make a softer texture).

2 - Now we are taking portions of the mashed potatoes and we make balls (they have to leave 4). We place each ball in a fountain and make a hole in the middle of each one (without reaching the bottom, since it has to stay a base below).

3 - On the other hand, in a pan with plenty of hot oil we fry the eggs by throwing a little salt on each one and when they are ready we will introduce them into each potato ball. And to finish the potato volcano we throw the chopped ham on top.

Author's advice to make Potato Volcano:

Once all the steps of the recipe are finished, we can also throw a little grated cheese over each potato volcano. We introduce the source in the oven, and leave until the cheese has au gratin.