Japanese omelette or Tamagoyaki recipe

 All the lovers of the doramas have made their mouths water with the famous Korean egg rolls, called Tamagoyaki in Japan, this recipe of common ingredients is very simple and delicious. Here we leave you the recipe so that at breakfast or as an appetizer you prepare this Asian delight.
Rolled Egg Tamagoyaki recipe:


for 4 people

10 eggs
1 chopped long onion
½ chopped onion
½ chopped zucchini without peel
100 grams of auyama or chopped squash without shell or seeds
100 grams of chopped carrot
2 cloves of garlic vegetable oil salt and pepper to taste


Beat the 10 eggs and then strain them to create a uniform texture.

Add all the finely chopped vegetables to the egg mixture and season with salt and pepper to taste. In a pan heat the oil, then add a tablespoon of the mixture evenly.

When the mixture is cooked roll with the help of a kitchen shovel and add more mixture (see video). Having all the eggs rolled in the shape of a cylinder cut into small pieces and ... ready to eat!