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Pineapple pie recipe

Ingredients Pineapple pie recipe:

 4 cups sifted flour
 2½ cups of sugar
 300gr of butter panels
 6 eggs
 ½ cup of milk
 1 can of pineapple wheels in syrup
 ½ cup sour cherries
 1 tbsp royal powder
 1 cup of sugar
 ½ cup of water

 Preparation Pineapple pie recipe:

 Beat the butter with the sugar until it is creamy, add the egg yellow and continue beating.  Milk and syrup are added alternating with flour and royal powder.  Beat the egg whites until stiff and add the mixture in enveloping form.  

Apart prepare a caramel by boiling the sugar and water, until obtaining a slightly golden color place in a round mold where the pineapples with the sour cherries are distributed in a decorative way, the mixture is poured on the caramel with the pineapples and carried  Baked for 40 minutes at 350º until a toothpick goes out .. completely clean.

 Turn while still warm.