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Lamingtons recipe, Australian cuisine

Lamingtons Ingredients:

For the cake:
6 eggs
150 gr. white sugar
50 gr. Cornstarch
75 gr. wheat flour.
50 gr. biscuit flour (with yeast)

For Chocolate Icing:
500 gr. sugar glass
50 gr. cocoa powder
15 gr. Butter
160 ml milk
200 gr. dried grated coconut

Lamingtons Preparation:


Preheat the oven to 180ºC.

Grease a 23 cm square mold. (approx.) Prepare it with baking paper at the base and so that it protrudes from the sides so that it can be easily removed when it is baked. Also grease the baking paper.

Sift the three flours 3 times and set aside.

Beat the eggs with the sugar with the rods for about 10 minutes or until they are very thick and creamy.

Gently add the sifted flour. If necessary, finish incorporating the flour by hand, with a silicone spatula, with enveloping movements.
Bake for 30 minutes.

Remove the cake from the mold, and face up, place it on a rack to cool completely.

Chocalate Icing:
Sift sugar and cocoa powder in a large glass or metal bowl.
Add the butter and milk.
Place this bowl in a water bath until we get a thick consistency and all the ingredients have completely dissolved.

When the cake is completely cold, cut it into 16 squares.
With the help of two forks, dip the squares in the chocolate glaze.

Let the excess chocolate drain.
Go immediately through the grated coconut until they are completely covered.

Let dry completely on a rack.

 Lamingtons Tips:

This is one of those easy, easy, and special recipes to make with the Thermomix. So if you have it taking dust like mine, you know. I beat the eggs with the sugar with the butterfly, 10 minutes, at 37º and speed 5.

It is not a laborious recipe, the only thing that perhaps takes a little longer is to dip the biscuit pieces in the chocolate and then batter it in the coconut.

Before coating the coconut, let the chocolate glaze drain well, with a couple of minutes it will be enough and that will make the final finish more perfect.

Cut the cake with a saw knife, trying not to spoil it much.

If we want all the perfect squares to be left we can try to cut the edges, but it is not necessary.

The original recipe asks for 160 gr. of grated coconut. This amount is correct if we drain the chocolate squares well. Otherwise the coconut will stain us a lot, and if 200 gr will be necessary.

We will have 16 squares of 5 x 5 cm each.