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The cod is one of my favorite fish in all its meanings: fresh grilled or grilled, desalinated, in a stew, some potatoes to the importance or simply battered ...

In this case we go with a purely Mediterranean recipe, very Greek, for which I have used some pieces of desalted cod loin to the salt point. There is no doubt that with a good fresh cod it would be even better.

The important thing is to be able to combine the delicious agelatinada texture of the cod with this sauce of citrus aromas and helena essence that I like so much.

GREEK STYLE BAKED COD  Ingredients for 4 people:

Four pieces of cod loin, fresh or desalted.

2 sweet shallots

2 natural Greek yogurts.

750 ml of whole milk.

100 ml of white wine

1 tablespoon of cornstarch®

1 pinch of sugar

1 pinch of salt.

1 bay leaf.

Olive oil.

Lime or lemon zest.

A touch of white pepper.

Salt (little, if the cod is desalted)


We marinate the cod in the milk, with the bay leaf and the pepper, between one and two hours. Remove the pieces of cod, reserve and boil the milk. When it breaks to cook, we introduce in it the loins of cod and let boil over medium heat 5 - 6 minutes according to the thickness of the loins. C

Remove from heat and let the cod cool in the milk. With this we will reap that the natural cod jelly and all its juices combine, then giving flavor and body to the sauce.

Chop the shallot very small. We add olive oil to a deep pan or saucepan and we poach the shallot with care that it does not burn. Next, we add the white wine and let it reduce with the shallot until practically everything has evaporated.

Remove the cod from the milk, reserve it and pour the milk to the reduction of white wine. We boil for a few minutes and try salt, adding what you need and always keeping in mind that if the cod is salty it will have released salt when cooked. 

While the sauce is boiling, we dissolve the refined cornmeal in a small cup with cold milk, and when it is perfectly dissolved, add to the sauce to thicken, moving with the rod and lowering the heat so that it does not stick.

Finally, we remove from heat, and when the boil ceases we add the Greek yogurts and a pinch of sugar to correct the acid, as well as the lemon zest. Remove and let stand out of the fire a few minutes.

We put the cod on the plate, sauté with our Greek sauce and garnish with some mint leaves.