Cottage Pie Recipe (UK Meatloaf)

The cottage pie is a classic of English recipes, because families do it every week.

It is a very easy and delicious recipe, with some very typical ingredients: minced meat, carrots, mushrooms, red wine ... and all covered in mashed potatoes.

The author of this recipe is Mary Berry, who is an English BBC super cook.

She is a very old lady, but she has a beautiful program, with ideal locations and very cool utensils.

I bought this book two years ago, in Hampstead's Daunt Books.

He has some very good typical English recipes and he still hadn't made any posts with him.

So here it is.

cottage pie Ingredients:

    1 tablespoon olive oil
    1 large onion
    750 grs. minced meat
    2 carrots
    1 celery (I replace it with 1 leek)
    115 grs. mushrooms
    150 ml Red wine
    30 grams flour
    300 ml meat broth
    1 tablespoon redcurrant jelly (I used red fruits)
    1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce (I call it Perrins)
    2 teaspoons fresh thyme
    Mashed potatoes

Several things about the ingredients

As you can see almost all the ingredients are very simple, but I will make some specifications.

Celery I replace it with a leek because I like that flavor more, but if you want to put the celery, there is no problem.

Wine in England is very expensive and there is no cheap wine for cooking, but they sell small bottles that are much cheaper than buying a bottle of whole wine.

The meat broth I bought it already made and the recipe came out very good.

Redcurrant jelly is hard to find in Spain, so I looked for a red one and found red berries, as I say, it was great.

cottage pie recipe

First chop the ingredients: onion, carrots, leek or celery. I bought the mushrooms rolled and threw them as is.

And prepare all the ingredients, because everything goes very fast and if not, it doesn't give you time.

Heat a tablespoon of oil or more in a medium or large saucepan and add the chopped onion (and the leek, if you have decided to replace the celery). Fry until done.

Add the minced meat and give it a few turns until it does not look pink.

Then you can add carrots, mushrooms and celery and turn for a minute.

Pour the wine, raise the heat and let it cook for 2 or 3 minutes, until it is reduced by two thirds. I have to say that the stew sucked the wine right away.

Put the flour in the whole mixture and turn it for a minute.

You can now put the meat broth and spin everything until it thickens.

And finally, add Worcestershire or Perrins sauce, gelatin and thyme.

Mix everything well, cover the pan and let it cook over medium heat for 45 minutes or an hour.

Look at it from time to time, it burned a little and I had to change casserole quickly.

Mashed potatoes

Meanwhile you can make a mashed potato, depending on how you are you can make a mashed potato powder or you can make the homemade mashed potatoes.

I have to admit, although I am very ashamed, that mine was not home, but in spite of everything, everything came out very rich.

Bake in the oven

When the stew is done, you put it in a baking dish, and put the mashed potatoes on top.

Stretch the mash until only mash is seen above.

Preheat the oven to 200ยบ and once it is hot, put the cake in and let it gratin for 20 or 25 minutes or until the puere is golden brown.

Mary Berry recommends putting some butter on top of the mash, but I don't know if it's a good idea, because we Spaniards are not so used to butter.