The "miracle diets" that are popularized in Hollywood are usually fleeting inventions that follow a few stars, enrich the doctor on duty and end up on the list of "diets that you should not follow under any circumstances." But the latest fashion of Beverly Hills residents is not fleeting. The Cookie Diet (“the cookie diet”) has been on the scene since 1975, when its inventor, Dr. Sanford Siegal, developed it at his Miami clinic.

The pattern is simple. If you want to follow the diet you must buy the special cookies created by Siegal (at $ 60 a week package) and take nine a day, followed by a light dinner of no more than 300 calories. The regime is designed so that only 1,000 to 1,200 calories are consumed per day, without starving because, always according to Siegal, cookies (which have 60 calories each, and contain fibers and amino acids) are designed to quench your appetite. If you follow the diet strictly you can lose 4.5 kilos per month. The variety of flavors is wide: chocolate, raisins, banana, blueberries ...

The cookie diet would not differ from other “miracle diets” if it were not because it has become fashionable 38 years after its creation, when one would think that people have enough information not to fall for a diet for which there is to buy a product by mail, expensive and with all the paraphernalia of "advertised on TV." But so is Hollywood. The Cookie Diet is what in the entertainment world is known as a sleeper hit: an ancient creation that has an unexpected success long after its creation.

Siegal was selling his cookies for 30 years at his Miami clinic. It wasn't until 2006 when he made the jump to Beverly Hills. He opened a store in the luxurious Angelino neighborhood and began selling his cookies in stores across the US. Soon the diet began to succeed in the star system. Today Siegal claims to have helped more than half a million people to lose weight and ensures that he continues to make his cookies by hand in his private oven, as he did in the 70s. Among his clients are actresses such as Denise Richards and Jennifer Hudson and film director Guy Ritchie, Madonna's husband.