Delicious and healthy Waldorf salad ★★★★☆ 565 Reviews

★★★★☆ 565 Reviews

Delicious and healthy Waldorf salad recipe


1 green or red apple
1 Celery
1 cabbage / 1 lettuce
1 Squeezed lemon
Raisins / grapes
Natural yogurt


Cut the apples and celery cubes and grate the cabbage or lettuce so that it is as finite as possible

Mix everything in a bowl and pour the lemon juice into the salad.

Add raisins or grapes and nuts, and stir everything.

In another bowl, mix the mayonnaise with the natural yogurt and add salt and pepper, until there is a homogeneous cream and seasoned to your liking.

Now you have two options:

You serve it on a plate with the sauce included and decorated with a nut or olive on the top.

Or, you serve the salad and the dressing separately, and this way you make sure you include the necessary cream in the salad.