Swedish smorgastarta recipe ★★★★☆ 1943 Reviews

★★★★☆ 1943 Reviews

😋🍤🐟🇸🇪 Swedish smorgastarta🇸🇪🐟🍤😋

 - 6 slices of white crusty English bread crust
 - 200 gr shrimp salad (use your favorite or mix peeled shrimp, dill, chopped chives, lemon, mayonnaise, cream, salt, pepper, to taste)
 - Good quality prawns
 - 200 g smoked salmon
 - 1 cucumber
 - Fresh dill
 - Fresh chives
 - Mayonnaise
 - 3 hard boiled eggs
 - Butter


 1- Butter the bread on one side.  Please, two sides, side by side, and cover with as much Skagenröra mixture as you feel you need (you may not need everything).  Add two slices of bread on top.

 2- Crush the eggs and mix with a little mayonnaise and season with salt and pepper.  Add to the top of the bread.  Add the last two slices of bread.

 3- With a spatula, add a thin layer of mayonnaise around the sandwich cake.  This will help the other ingredients adhere.

 - We like to use good slices of salmon on top of the sandwich cake.  Try to organize in a nice pattern and let it protrude slightly from the sides to avoid blunt corners.

 - Using a cheese slicer or a mandolin, cut long pieces of cucumber and use them to decorate the sides.  If you need a little more mayonnaise to stick, then so be it.

 - Once the sides look tidy, you can decorate the top.  This is where it is likely to overdo it.
 - We tend to simply add some Skagenröra on top and then add a lot of prawns and simply decorate with dill sprigs.

 - When finished, refrigerate before eating ... And bon appetit! 😋😋😋