El Salvador Pupusas recipe ★★★★☆ 844 Reviews

★★★★☆ 844 Reviews

El Salvador Pupusas recipe

 2 cups of maseca
 1 teaspoon salt
 water needed to knead (dough should be soft)
 Pork chicharron (I ground it in the blender was very good for this recipe) You can season with garlic cumin pepper and red pepper.
 shredded mozzarella cheese or asadero
 oil to spread on your hands

 Preparation method:

 you grab a ball of dough and give it the shape of a small saucepan, then add cheese and pork rinds, then you will close it as if it were a bag or backpack, finally you put oil in your hands and give it the shape of the pupusa, place in a comal  

Warm and wait until it looks golden brown, accompany it with cabbage tanning.

 The cabbage tanning

 Finely chop a cabbage, grate carrot, and cut purple onion into strips, put 3 tablespoons of olive oil or all-purpose, oregano to taste and 3 bay leaves, half a cup of vinegar, bring water to a boil, as it is ready  put on all other ingredients until covered, add salt to taste, mix and let them tan for half a day. 

Recipe sent by Erika M Garcia.