The best Tlayudas Oaxaqueñas recipe ★★★★★ 1638 Reviews

★★★★★ 1638 Reviews

Tlayudas Oaxaqueñas recipe


tlayudas oaxaqueñas
butter seat
semi dry milled beans
lettuce filleted
Oaxaca cheese
sliced tomato
sliced avocado
roasted jerky


The tlayudas are a kind of giant toast that you should put to flame low on both sides to soften it and be able to work. 

You will place on the side of the tlayuda the butter seat. it is called a seat because it is what is left in the saucepan in which the carnitas are prepared or the pork rind is fried.

Once you have the seat you will place a layer of beans on the entire surface, following a layer of lettuce, shredded cheese, tomato and avocado.

In a frying pan roast the meat or meat with which you want to accompany your tlayuda.

Put the tlayuda again on the fire so that the cheese melts, turning it constantly to avoid burning.

You can fold your tlayuda or serve it extended.