French Cream Chicken recipe ★★★★☆ 679 Reviews

★★★★☆ 679 Reviews


500g diced chicken thigh

110g block of French Onion Cream Cheese (I used White Valley brand) - see notes below in method

200ml cooking cream

60g baby spinach leaves


Brown/sear diced chicken well in searing slow cooker or pan

Add cream cheese and stir for 2-3mins as it melts to coat chicken with it

Add cooking cream and stir

Cover and use The Tea Towel Trick

Cook on HIGH for a further 1hr 15mins

Add spinach and stir through until wilted


If you cannot source the French Onion flavoured cream cheese you could use regular Philadelphia cream cheese and mix with 20g French Onion soup mix

The cooking cream is important as it resists splitting like normal cream. I like the Bulla brand myself

Inspired by the recipe "Chicken with Semi-Dried Tomato & Spinach – LOW CARB"


This recipe can be easily changed simply by changing the flavour of the cream cheese. For example I now love a sweet chilli version that I make the same but just change the French onion creamed cheese to a sweet chilli flavoured cream cheese block instead 

If you can't find sweet chilli cream then add 1/2 cup of sweet chilli sauce to your regular creamed cheese

You could also try the Chive and Onion cream cheese flavour or the Apricot Cream Cheese

I've also replaced the baby spinach with semi dried tomatoes for another yummy version