Chicken and Mushroom suet pudding ★★★★☆ 532 Reviews

Chicken and Mushroom suet pudding

★★★★☆ 532 Reviews

150g SR flour
75g Atora suet
Pinch of salt
Approx 5 tbsp water

Combine flour, suet, salt and water to form a dough
In a pan brown 6 chicken thighs chopped to bite size
Mushrooms to taste
Half an onion chopped
Chicken gravy granules to form a sauce in the pan
I sprinkled tarragon into mix but that’s personal pref.
Line a small Pyrex bowl with most of the pastry once rolled out, leave a small amount for the lid.
Fill with chicken filling and place pastry lid on , pinching together with  base to form a seal

Place 2 or 3 inches of water in Slow Cooker bowl

Place pudding in Slow cooker for 4hrs on High, I use a tea towel under lid but again personal preference.
I served with just plain home made chips and chicken gravy from original sauce in pan.